Powering Smart Manufacturing Decentralization with MFG

To enable true decentralization, a unit of exchange is needed to power transactions as part of a growing network ecosystem. The MFG token is an ERC20, Ethereum-based, cryptographic token that connects different stakeholders in Smart MFG Tech’s ecosystem.

“Blockchain’s greatest potential to deliver business value is in manufacturing.”

Deloitte’s Global Block Chain Survey

What is MFG used for?

MFG is an ERC20 cryptocurrency token created by Smart MFG Tech for use in supply chain and manufacturing smart contracts to secure and mobilize siloed manufacturing data to power the data driven smart manufacturing revolution. MFG can be used, amongst a growing list of use cases, to incentivize RFQs (Requests for Quote) and secure smart contract POs (Purchase Orders) along with supply chain hardware tokenization on the manufacturing blockchain, participating and partner networks in an expanding ecosystem of interoperability and standardization. Future plans include spearheading technology partnerships that enable DeFi powered supply chain finance tools further advancing manufacturing supply chain decentralization.

Supply Chain Digital Transformation Incentives and Reward Programs

Use the Ethereum-based MFG Token® to speed up payments, incentivize new business and optimize results across your supply chain.

Supply Chain Tokenization

Smart MFG is leading the way adapting blockchain tokenization application for the Manufacturing industry and can already be used to tokenize parts on our partner SyncFab platform with additional partnerships coming. Partner with us to tokenize assets in your supply chain!

Supply Chain DeFi
(Forward Looking Use Case)

Decentralized Supply Chain Finance or Supply Chain DeFi is an exciting new development whereby traditional supply chain finance methods such as trade finance, factoring and discounting can be enhanced by blockchain improving liquidity for suppliers achieving greater efficiencies in the supply chain. This is a forward looking use case for which Smart MFG is currently exploring partnership implementation using existing tools.

Where you can Find MFG

You can Buy MFG from the following Partner Network Platforms:

Where you can Find MFG

You can Buy MFG from the following Partner Network Platforms:

Where you can store MFG

MFG is an ERC-20 token, so it can be stored in Ethereum wallets you control. Below are some examples.

More about the MFG Token:

MFG is a Utility Token incentivizing decentralized manufacturing supply chains one part, one data point at a time.

MFG Contract Address: 0x6710c63432a2de02954fc0f851db07146a6c0312

Decimal Places:

Circulating Supply

303,471,151 MFG

ATH Network Price 

$0.0766 USD

Price on SyncFab

$0.15 USD

Total Supply

868,459,135 MFG


132,540,864.25857 MFG

User Addresses


Burn Transactions:

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