Smart Manufacturing Supply Chain Blockchain Features with MFG​

Smart MFG Tech promotes digital transformation of industrial manufacturing supply chains using blockchain as a key building block of Industry 4.0

Transforming Manufacturing Supply Chains with Blockchain Incentives


Smart Contracts can be built to drive the supply chain with work flow and work agreement automation, shipping & purchase order documentation, as well as innovative incentive programs for data sharing & streamlined payments.

Multi-Tier Incentives & Smart Payments

Incentive Rewards and Payments are automated using Smart Contracts, which can be sent or received to any of your suppliers regardless of where they sit in your supply chain. Settlements are initiated through various liquidity network partners which are growing everyday.

Partnership Integrations

While MFG is an ERC20 Ethereum Token specifically for the Manufacturing Blockchain is a system architecture and workflow which is inter-operable and blockchain-agnostic, and is compatible with any blockchain infrastructure a company wishes to use. For example, two companies can leverage all platform benefits without the same blockchain infrastructure implemented (e.g. Ethereum and Hyperledger).

Layering Technology

The layering of new and existing technologies - legacy or blockchain - further enables manufacturing and supply chain automation. Smart MFG Tech is partnered with SyncFab for digital manufacturing and we continue to expand additional partnerships to digitally transform manufacturing supply chains.

“Blockchain’s greatest potential to deliver business value is in manufacturing.”

Deloitte’s Global Block Chain Survey

Reward Data Sharing from disconnected Suppliers

Send Rewards and Smart Payments to N-Tier Suppliers

Survey Respondents’ Changing Attitudes on Blockchain and Its Adoption

Blockchain sentiment follows a pattern of general improvement even against a backdrop of
heightened introspection

Q. What is your level of agreement or disagreement with each of the following statements regarding blockchain technology?

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