Q1 2021 Community Update

All Systems Go!

2021 is off to a great start and to mark our three year anniversary, we recently relaunched the Smart MFG GUI Website with the goal to empower the community to innovate, discuss, and support the growth and decentralization of the Smart MFG network.

2021 Expansion Objectives

With a heightened community decentralization drive and network growth underway and new website, additional partnership and additional use case on the horizon, the Smart MFG network and community is poised for exponential growth. The following Milestone Objectives have been established for the new year and going forward.

2021 MFG Token Roadmap

1. Relaunch Website GUI (Complete)

User interface completely redesigned to be browser-based, easier to navigate token use cases, forward looking new use cases, partners, purchase options, storage options, market information, community information and more. Resistant to crashes and includes user chat assistance.

2. Market Housekeeping (Complete)

DEX, CEX and Crypto token reference portal information maintenance in accordance with their respective system upgrades and new releases.

3. Community Decentralization Drive (In Process)

Community ambassador appointment, renewed social media and news presence, AMA hosting and organization and more.

4. Liquidity ReGen (Coming Soon)

Decentralization underscores user convenience for accessibility to MFG utility tokens to benefit from MFG partner services. Partner network, DEX and CEX integrations facilitate such access for bonafide users with less friction stemming from network congestion or scarcity enhanced by liquidity regeneration rewards mechanisms currently under consideration.

5. Additional Partnerships (Under Active Investigation)

Welcoming new partnerships for Supply Chain Buyers, Manufacturing Suppliers and Platforms, Liquidity Partners, 3PL Logistics Providers, Material Suppliers, DeFi enablers and more to further grow the MFG ecosystem.

6. New! Supply Chain DeFi (Forward Looking Use Case)

Pursuing collaborative partnerships to jointly pursue leading edge DEFI driven supply chain finance tools for manufacturing supply chain stakeholders welcoming them into a rapidly expanding MFG ecosystem.

MFG Supplier Incentive Reward Programs are a new way to reward time connecting supply chains with blockchain. MFG helps manufacturers rebuild supply chains for Industry 4.0 by implementing a new system where time is compensated, sensitive information is kept secure, and suppliers get rewarded for maintaining a responsive supply chain using MFG ERC20 Digital Tokens allow OEM businesses to reward suppliers amongst a diverse and growing ecosystem. Add MFG Rewards to Your Supply Chain by partnering with us for a custom use case program or purchase MFG from existing partners to work with them or launch your own project revolution today.

Coming in February!

Join our Upcoming AMA! Be sure to submit your questions in the official Smart MFG Telegram community chat.The Community has the opportunity to create it’s own Moniker. Don’t miss out on your chance to have your say join the community Poll in Telegram.

Join the Community!

We welcome you to join the conversation and help the Smart MFG community decentralization push. This includes participating in discussions, and finding creative ways to improve community and network performance.

Let’s move forward together. The success of Smart MFG is in our hands. Contribute to the Community Decentralization Drive https://smartmfg.io/community/

Interested in joining our team? Learn more! https://smartmfg.io/team/

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