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Welcome MFG Makers to the Smart MFG Community AMA for Q1 2021!

The AMA Video can be Watched Here with a transcript below:

Q1– What is the relationship between SmartMFG and SyncFab?

A1– SyncFab is our contracted technology development and launch partner who assisted us with early implementation. Smart MFG is the MFG Token Ecosystem Manager.

Q2– If a company (manufacturer) like for example Ford would like to integrate Smart MFG into their existing supply chain solutions, what would the required steps look like? Would they have to completely switch to the SyncFab platform, or could they integrate “just” the Smart MFG component somehow?

A2-There are several ways for them to use and interact with the product beginning from the simplest step which is registering on the platform. Procurement and IT Departments can choose to either integrate for a fee or operate independently which is what many may choose to do for the time being as they have so many cumbersome legacy ERP systems blocking internal efficiency. The future is definitely independently operated cloud based ERP supply chain systems secured and supercharged by Blockchain.

Q3-How is the team trying to approach and convince potential new clients of their product? Could SyncFab help in this process? Or will they showcase the Smart MFG framework on their own on certain conferences in the future, to attract new customers (in 2021 still mostly virtual conferences unfortunately)?

A3-This is called business development which has to do with generating awareness amongst our target client base and making our product and service known and holding the clients hand through learning how to use it.

Many users like to do their own research today oddly enough so community support is very helpful here and why community decentralization is important to support the “Buyer’s Journey” as it is called the Buyers like to educate themselves on the available options in the market which were fortunate enough to be one of a very few as the first to spearhead the industry in our partnership with SyncFab.

SyncFab is helping us with their own business development efforts educating the industry which can be further helped by the decentralized communities promotion and assistance making our products and services known to the broader industry in business development on social media, writing educational blogs, spreading the good word, learning more about target client companies, finding their decision makers, inviting them to the community, making introductions, etc. and helping avoid the disinformation of other would be competitors who lack the manufacturing supply chain network we have at our disposal which they do not and probably never will since they lack that area of core competency.

Q4– I have noticed you placed some links to uniswap on your site for those who are interested in accessing tokens (including potential clients). Do you have plans to further simplify the process of accessing tokens from the open market – especially for customers that don’t want to deal with uniswap – for example by offering a Fiat-to-MFG purchase solution on your website?

A4– We are investigating and exploring future partnerships to continue to simplify the process as the industry grows. We have removed the MFG buy link from the website now since we have several other DEXes we work with.  Also our future technical roadmap will allow better access to MFG with exciting new announcements that are forthcoming.

Q5 -How has the role of your advisors been so far? Have they been able to help smart MFG in terms of building new business connections and increasing awareness for the product within certain industries?

A5 -Advisors vary in their level of participation depending on their own self initiative but all in all everyone is fantastic! Yes and Peter Moricz  is a great example of this.  He’s now an official part of the team.

Q6 -MFG has the goal to position itself as one of the first movers for “Supply Chain DeFi”. For that, i’d assume you need a partnership with a DeFi startup / company to connect to new liquidity sources or to extend the use cases for the token. Can we expect such an announcement in the near future?

A6 -Yes we are currently investigating and exploring such partnership opportunities and are open to your educated well informed suggestions and introductions as well where it makes sense. We are making good headway ourselves and expect good developments on the near horizon.

Q7 -what kind of partnership in Defi is MFG thinking about?

A7 -same as above but for clarification sake – some traditional supply chain finance companies and blockchain defi enablers with us serving as the conduit connect the supply chain component and linking it with a data targeted rewards based system compatible with blockchain for the industry 4.0 digital transformation theme.

Q8 -Your work in the B2B space has been amazing, what are the goals and thoughts about the crypto space?

A8 -We have always valued the crypto community hence why building the decentralized community is part of our top objectives. We view things from a blockchain technology perspective not necessarily purely a “crypto” perspective (unless you are referring to cryptography).

Smart MFG is the MFG Ecosystem Manager. SyncFab is our contracted technology development and launch partner who assisted us with early implementation. SyncFab was contracted by Smart MFG to build out the early technology foundation. We have come a long way and were proceeding to spread our wings to catch a broader trend in the industry trend since supply chains began blowing up in the COVID Pandemic.

Q9 – how are transaction fees paid in the platform since creating a wallet requires a gas fee, or sending mfg requires a gas fee?

A9 – This is a very good question – for early adopters it was subsidized by the company, for new users it is being transitioned to pass the cost along to the users so that it can be paid for in MFG or Fiat according to the basis of the transaction.

Q10 – I was wondering if you were planning any collaboration/cross-chain networking?

A10 – If you look at some of our previous posts you will see we have already decided to target cross-chain interoperability to maximize the security and functionality of scale. We are already doing this with our ETH-Hyperledger Hybrid.

Other younger network chain suggestions often suggested are not yet commercialized lacking scale to be sufficiently secure in spite of how they may advertise it is still in test mode and were skeptical will ever reach actual adoption whereas our solution is in actual industry implementation phase as the earliest movers if anything the others should be looking to us.

That being said our ultimate aim is interoperability for most convenience for our enterprise users if and when they ask and pay for such solutions which we will not subsidize upfront without justification from our clients.

We are open to ideas as long as they don’t conflict or delay our roadmap/primary objectives.

Q11 – what are the top competitive advantages Syncfab/MFG have over competitors in the space?

A11 – A team whose core competencies actually apply to the industry being targeted ie manufacturing supply chain vs other would be competitors who have none if any core competency in the space actually launching game apps claiming to then have supply chain applicability. Beyond that we’re the earliest mover vs everyone else just marketing.

Smart MFG and Syncfab are first movers and continued leaders in the manufacturing blockchain space.  There really is no direct competitor especially with their clientele, partners, patents, certifications, experience and leadership.

Thank You to all those who participated contributing your AMA questions for the Q1 AMA! Please be sure to visit our Telegram Community to learn more and contribute your feedback and questions for the Q2 AMA!

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