Q4 2021 Community Update

Q4 2021 AMA

Our quarterly AMA is soon upon us. For the newcomers, our AMAs are generally scheduled in the middle of each quarter to allow for adequate time for our community to submit their questions. The questions and feedback from our community have been very valuable in helping us improve transparency and the quality of our products and services. Strength in numbers will be our central theme moving forward!

Liquidity Mining Campaign

Q4 was the release of our first inhouse liquidity mining campaign beginning with our Uniswap v3 MFG-ETH pair. This LP campaign will run between Q4 2021 (October 1, 2021) to Q1 2022 (March 31, 2022). Our official guide below.


In addition, our development team is working to implement a L2 bridge for our new Uniswap v3 MFG-USDC pair in preparation for our next LP campaign scheduled for Q1 2022.

We kept our initial v1.0 release lite for ease of use so stay tuned for additional enhancements to our dashboard in the coming months.


We greatly value our liquidity providers in helping support and grow our ecosystem. While most projects offer short term and/or unsustainable reward mechanisms, Smart MFG is in it for the long game.

Our goal is to continually provide competitive reward mechanisms for the long foreseeable future to help boost and retain the loyalty of our LPs as we continue to further decentralize, develop, and expand.

NFT Marketplace

Q4 will also see us move closer to the Beta Launch of the World’s First Maker and Gamer Focused 3D NFT Marketplace for the intersection of Virtual and Real-World Use-Case NFTs. No NFT marketplace project has Smart MFG’s level of Real-World asset backing and support with the partnership with SyncFab and an expanding ecosystem.

The target users for the World’s First 3D Maker, Gamer and Metaverse Builder-centric NFT marketplace will benefit from a number of unique features such as and not limited to (not all available at Beta Launch):

  • Top of Mind NFT Marketplace for 3D NFTs (First Mover Advantage)
  • Value Creation of NFTs based on Targeted Community-Based Marketing
  • Digital-to-Physical capabilities i.e. 3D printing on-demand
  • 3D model file conversion (ability to optimize asset to each individual metaverse)
  • Licensing 3D models options for asset use across platforms
  • Lazy Minting
  • Digital Permanence – Ability to recover / restore assets from scratch
  • Auction services
  • $MFG Token: Access platform perks by staking and earning the $MFG token.
  • Blind Box: offer users an element of surprise and reward them for being part of the MFG network

Dynamic Roadmap

With a heightened focus on our community, building our team & advisors, network growth, marketing, liquidity, website, partnerships and expanding use cases, Smart MFG is poised for exponential growth.

We are pleased to announce our official dynamic roadmap which outlines our core tasks and estimated delivery times.


Market Housekeeping

We are continuing to update our profiles across various 3rd party services which include:

  • DEX/AMM Platforms (Uniswap, Sushiswap, Kyber, Bancor, etc)
  • DEX aggregator services (1inch, Paraswap, Matcha, etc)
  • Portfolio tracking services (Blockfolio, Delta, etc)
  • Token identification services (Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Etherscan, etc)
  • Other Services (Evai.io, CoinStats, Zerion, etc)

With our new logo, we felt now was a great time to ensure all of our info was aligned and accurate for our community. Stay tuned for further updates.

Team Announcements

We are really putting a focus on growing the team with the brightest minds in the industry and Q4 is just an example of what our community can continue to expect as we deliver on our roadmap.

Chief Operating Officer – Henry Min

Henry has worked in the Information Technology sector for over two decades in a variety of engineering, consultancy, management, and ownership roles.

He has been a long-time member of the Smart MFG & SyncFab family. Since 2018, Henry has worked in a consultancy role for both businesses and we’re delighted to have him officially join our team to play a larger role in helping to oversee our internal operations to ensure a smooth delivery of our products and services.

“I am truly excited to join the Smart MFG team as we embark on a bigger journey to expand the MFG ecosystem. Our successful implementation on SyncFab’s platform has helped open up a variety of new ideas and use cases. 2021 and beyond will be an exciting time for Smart MFG as we take a more agnostic and agile approach in delivering our own inhouse products and services while continuing to build our growing team, advisors, and community.” Henry Min

Product Manager – Julian Picaza

Julian Picaza has been appointed as Product Manager to support our NFT Marketplace & other products we are developing for our growing community. In addition, Julian has helped renew our social media and news presence, continued hosting our quarterly AMAs to help answer community questions and is continually working to expand other community tasks and initiatives.

Technical Advisor – Stefan Van As

Stefan Van As has joined our growing board of advisors. Stefan is a highly sought out talent in the Ethereum & DeFi spaces and we are grateful for his time and expertise in providing guidance and support towards the design of our inhouse products and services.

Stefan is a Delphi/Rust/Go developer and Ethereum consultant. He has worked for several major companies such as Adobe, Macromedia & played a significant role in building 1Password.

Join the Community!

We welcome you to join the conversation and help the Smart MFG community decentralization push. This includes participating in discussions, and finding creative ways to improve community and network performance.

Let’s move forward together. The success of Smart MFG is in our hands!

Contribute to the Community Decentralization Drive https://smartmfg.io/community/

Interested in joining our team? Learn more! https://smartmfg.io/team/


Follow our official channels for the latest updates!

Website: https://smartmfg.io
Blog: https://smartmfg.io/blog
Telegram: https://t.me/syncfab
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mfgcoin
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/smartmfg/
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YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/smartmfg
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Medium https://medium.com/@mfgcoin
Korean Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mfgcoinkorean
Korean Blog: https://blog.naver.com/syncfab_mfg

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