Q3 2021 Community Update

MFG Makers All Systems Go!

Q3 2021 is off to a great start with the recently completed Community AMA and momentous new team addition announcements! We’re also drawing ever so closer to launching the new Smart MFG 3D NFT Marketplace with the goal to empower the community to innovate, discuss, and support the growth and decentralization strength of the Smart MFG network.

Q2, 2021 AMA Completed!

Thanks to our Community Leader Julian for hosting & to the MFG Maker community for sharing their questions

Team Announcements!

Smart MFG is delighted to announce the appointment of Isa Kivlighan – former Head of Marketing for AAVE DeFi Blockchain Protocol since 2019 – to our Advisory Board. Isa brings her successful marketing experience in the Blockchain Industry to support Smart MFG’s recent appointment of our new Chief Marketing Officer to propel the company forward leading the marketing and growth initiatives at this important juncture for the upcoming launch of the world’s first NFT Marketplace for Industrial Design themed 3D NFTs for Gamers, Makers, Metaverse Builders and High-End Collectors. Isa will also be instrumental as we spearhead our Supply Chain DeFi initiative which we envision to be the AAVE for Supply Chain users whose development will follow the launch of our revolutionary NFT Marketplace.

Isa made the list of the best marketers in Blockchain for 2020 – a list of 35 individuals whose organizations were measured by the lift in FCAS Rating, which indicates user and developer activity as well as overall market risk, and growth in Twitter mentions as measured by The Tie. An Excerpt of the Original Flipside Crypto Interview appears below with the full interview available HERE.

“Blockchain marketers face a very unique challenge. Not only do they have to compete with thousands of other platforms to attract a limited set of developers, but they also have to raise awareness about nascent (but powerful!) technology that the mainstream still associates with hackers and criminal activity. To top it off, they have to grow this product globally from the get-go, to keep the network decentralized. All that, without any playbook of course.”

HERE is a recent interview with Isa on AAVE and Polygon dated April 2021

Welcome Chief Marketing Officer – Noëlle Gahan

“I am very excited to be joining the Smart MFG team at this important time in the company’s development. We aim to become the market leader in the industrial design and 3D Model NFT and separately in the supply chain blockchain DeFi space and we will be focusing on ecosystem development and partnerships to grow our community exponentially in recognition of the solid underpinnings of the technology Smart MFG has built in partnership with SyncFab – contributing to the global blockchain ecosystem for both enterprises and individual applications in NFTs, Supply Chain DeFi and data-driven digital transformation of industrial supply chains making them more agile and sustainable”.

— Noëlle Gahan, Chief Marketing Officer, Smart MFG Tech

2021 Objective Milestones

With a heightened focus on community decentralization, network growth alongside our new website, additional partnerships and expanding use cases on the horizon, Smart MFG  is poised for exponential growth. The following Milestone Objectives have been established for the new year and going forward.

1. New Website

We have completed our core redesign of our website to allow for easier access to information & resources such as our use cases, blog, team & partners, purchase options, storage options, market information, community information and more.

Most importantly, the new website will play a vital role in providing direct access for our users and partners to our service offerings. We will continue to actively update and/or add additional content and features as we expand our services.

2. Market Housekeeping

We have completed our current maintenance tasks with our DEX/AMM platforms (Kyber, Uniswap, SushiSwap, Bancor, etc), DEX aggregator services (1nch, Paraswap, Matcha, etc) portfolio tracking services (Blockfolio, Delta, etc) and token identification/information services (Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, etc). We will continue to actively work with all of our service providers for any future updates.

3. New MFG Logo

MFG is finally getting a facelift! With all of our recent and upcoming developments, the team felt there was no better time to update our official MFG logo than now as a sign of exciting changes to come. The logo will be entirely new with a more modern, cleaner aesthetic. We appreciate our community for planting the seed and recommending this change.

4. Community Decentralization

We are pleased to have appointed our new Community ambassador Julian Picaza at the start of the year to help manage our growing community. In addition, we have renewed our social media and news presence, began hosting our quarterly AMAs to help answer community questions and are continually working to expand other community tasks and initiatives.

We value and welcome the input and feedback from our community and are always open to explore new ideas to help benefit both our loyal community and project.

5. LP Liquidity ReGen

We have prioritized in building and delivering our liquidity roadmap for the MFG token. Our supported DEX/AMM platforms will play a key role in our MFG partner services.

We started with our partnership with YFLink/Varen to provide liquidity mining rewards for our Uniswap ETH|MFG pair using the LINKSWAP LP Rewards service. We are working to expand our liquidity mining rewards across a variety of DEX/AMM platforms and pairs restarting again as early as Q3.

6. 3D Model NFT Marketplace (Launching Shortly)

We have recently announced the upcoming launch of our world first industrial design and 3d model NFT marketplace for vintage and innovative hardware designs and collectibles. Industry aficionados will be able to utilize NFT digital asset tokenization for storage, transfer and monetization of their products on our industry focused marketplace.

We will continue to actively update the community on our development progress. Official release launch will be coming soon so please stay tuned.

7. New! Supply Chain DeFi (Forward Looking Use Case)

We are actively pursuing collaborative partnerships to help pursue our DEFI driven supply chain finance tools for manufacturing supply chain stakeholders as we continue to rapidly expand our MFG ecosystem and services.

Supply chain DeFi is an untapped industry and will open a variety of additional opportunities for Smart MFG (e.g. lending, insurance, etc) and use cases for the MFG token. We strongly believe this will be the next evolution of DeFi services and Smart MFG is looking to lead the revolution!

Coming in September!

Be sure to submit your questions in the official Smart MFG Telegram community chat.

About Smart MFG Tech

Smart MFG Tech is a blockchain company focused on Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation and promoting new data mobilization technologies, including IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) for use within the manufacturing industry. Smart MFG is launching a 2D & 3D model NFT marketplace for novelty & vintage Art & Architecture, Automotive, Space & Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Design and more. Smart MFG also offers Supply Chain DeFi programs using $MFG in partnership with a growing blockchain partnership ecosystem for Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

Smart MFG Tech promotes digital transformation of industrial manufacturing supply chains using blockchain as a key building block of Industry 4.0. MFG Tokens® incentivize collaboration and speed across supply chains and can be used to create custom rewards and compensate manufacturers for time and accuracy put into competitive tender bids.

The token integration use case applications in Manufacturing Supply Chains include digital record and digital asset tokenization, advanced supplier incentive programs and supply chain decentralized finance innovation. Supply Chain Companies interested in Smart MFG partnerships can submit your requests here: http://smartmfg.io/partners

Join the Community!

We welcome you to join the conversation and help the Smart MFG community decentralization push. This includes participating in discussions, and finding creative ways to improve community and network performance.

Let’s move forward together. The success of Smart MFG is in our hands!

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