MFG Liquidity Mining Rewards Launching on LINKSWAP February 8th

Smart MFG is excited to announce our first liquidity mining rewards program on LINKSWAP!


LINKSWAP is a decentralized, community-governed DEX (Decentralized Exchange)/AMM platform created by the innovative team at YF Link (YFL) which aims to address the pain points of second generation AMMs by offering several key features (Reduced Impermanent Loss, RugLock, SlipLock, etc) not available on competing platforms.

The first integration of the MFG liquidity mining rewards will use the LINKSWAP LP (Liquidity Provider) Rewards service which will allow LPs to deposit their LP token(s) (UNI-V2) to the participating rewards pool (ETH|MFG) and earn MFG rewards seamlessly.  Smart MFG will continue to work with the YF Link team in adding support for additional pairs & exploring their other service offerings.

Learn more and support the YF Link (YFL)/LINKSWAP project and team:


LINKSWAP’s Rewards service is a liquidity mining (a.k.a. asset farming) service which enables LPs to earn rewards for providing liquidity in a participating pool.

The amazing team at YF Link has implemented a custom frontend solution for our LP rewards pool on LINKSWAP.  This will allow LPs to add liquidity to our existing ETH|MFG pool on UniSwap v2 and deposit their LP token(s) (UNI-V2) to our LINKSWAP rewards pool (ETH|MFG).

LPs can earn rewards in two ways:

  • LPs get a share of the transaction fees on Uniswap v2. This is calculated by how much liquidity is provided relative to the percentage of the entire pool.
  • LPs earn additional MFG rewards for their participation in our LINKSWAP rewards pool. There is no minimum deposit requirements or lock-up periods to participate and earn MFG rewards.  Emissions will be reviewed and adjusted quarterly.

MFG LP Rewards Schedule for Quarter 1 (Q1), 2021:

  • Go Live Date & Time: February 8, 2021 @ Midnight UTC
  • End Date & Time: March 31, 2021 @ 11:59PM UTC
  • LINKSWAP Rewards Pool: ETH|MFG
  • Q1 Rewards Pool Total: 2 Million MFG

How to participate and check your eligibility to earn MFG rewards on LINKSWAP:

  1. Read and accept the official MFG Linkswap-Uniswap Liquidity Provider Bonus Program Terms and Conditions before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Go to the ETH|MFG exchange contract on Uniswap v2 (MUST BE UNISWAP NOT LINKSWAP) ( and add liquidity. LPs will be required to add a 1:1 ratio of MFG and equivalent ETH.  Once liquidity has been added, LPs will receive their UNI-V2 LP token(s) in their wallet.
  3. Go to the LINKSWAP LP Rewards page (, select the ETH|MFG rewards pool, connect your wallet, and deposit your UNI-V2 LP token(s)
  4. Smile and witness the decentralized power of the group earn MFG rewards! You can view the active rewards yield rates on the same LINKSWAP LP Rewards page.



Liquidity Roadmap

Smart MFGs outlook is very bright!

We are continuing to review and advance with a growing list of tasks & initiatives for our DeFi and liquidity roadmaps.  Liquidity will play a key role in our forward-looking DeFi use cases, initiatives, and service offerings.

We greatly appreciate our liquidity mining participants helping support and grow the ecosystem.  While most projects offer short term and/or unsustainable reward mechanisms, Smart MFG is an early innovator leading in our area of focus with a clear vision for commitment to the long term.  Our goal is to continually provide compelling reward mechanisms well into the foreseeable future to help boost and retain the loyalty of our LPs as we continue to further decentralize, develop, grow, and expand our ecosystem and decentralization.

Some key liquidity roadmap tasks include:

  • Expanding our partnership with the YFL team in providing support for additional pairs & exploring their additional service offerings
  • Expanding support for additional pairs across various DEX/AMM platforms
  • Expanding support for LP reward mechanisms across various DEX/AMM platforms
  • Exploring liquidity partnership opportunities with forward looking supply chain organizations looking to digitally transform their supply chains with blockchain

Uniswap v2

Uniswap is the leading DEX platform which facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts.

While Uniswap is generally safe to use, we recommend all users to learn and familiarize themselves with how Uniswap works before performing any actions on it.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SECURITY: Uniswap’s decentralized and permissionless design means that any ERC20 token can be listed on Uniswap without any permissions required.  As a result, there may/likely be token imposters posing as MFG using our logo and ticker.

Please ensure you are accessing the correct exchange contract for MFG.  Our direct Uniswap v2 exchange contract(s) for MFG are below:


MFG will continue expand support for additional pairs on Uniswap and other DEX/AMM platforms.

Transaction Fees

Due to the demand & congestion on the Ethereum network, high transaction fees are becoming a common occurrence.  This can be quite disproportionate particularly when operating with smaller transactions. Please take the time to consider the fees before conducting operations on any DEX/AMM platform such as Uniswap v2.

Impermanent Loss (IPL)

Impermanent loss refers to a disparity in the price of your deposits. The larger the divergence, the larger the potential of impermanent loss.  This is due to the nature of AMMs like Uniswap v2 which is to maintain an equal value ratio of two digital assets in a given pair (in this case MFG & ETH).

For example, if ETH has an increase in value it will readjust your position in MFG to maintain the same ratio, and if you withdraw your position, you will end up with a higher number of MFG tokens and a lower amount of ETH.

For a more detailed explanation of impermanent loss, we recommend the following resource:

Important Note on Communication

All official information related to our Linkswap-Uniswap v2 Liquidity Provider Bonus Program will be posted on our official Blog ( Do not trust information from other unofficial sources.

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