The Importance of 3D NFT Makers in the Growing NFT Marketplace

NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) regularly make news headlines, and many online platforms have incorporated NFTs into their operations. The rise of digital asset trading has investors divided if NFTs is another speculative bubble or the new era of art and wealth creation.

NFTs have massive wealth potential, as seen by the auction of Everyday: The First 5000 Days, the first purely NFT artwork by creator Beeple. The sale of Beeple’s NTF made headlines when it was sold at a Christie’s auction for $69.3 million.

3D rendering of NFTs is the new frontier with artists taking digital code and creating interactive 3D structures of their NFT artwork. Moreover, the NFT marketplace has entered gaming at metaverse industries. NFT integration will bring tradable assets to gaming platforms and assist in building virtual economies inside metaverse platforms.

We’ll take a look at how 3D NFT makers will integrate with other platforms and their importance to the growing NFT marketplace.

  • What are NFTs
  • What is a 3D NFT Maker?
  • The Importance of 3D NFT Makers in the NFT Marketplace
  • How to Protect Digital Manufacturing Assets with NFTs
  • Smart MFG NFT Marketplace

But, for those new to NFTs, what are they and how do they work?

What are NFTs?

NFTs have emerged as a new form of digital assets. NFTs, like physical artworks, are a store of value and can be an investment option to build wealth. NFTs are non-fungible, unique, and cannot be interchangeable. Their data exists in a digital ledger underpinned by blockchain technology.

By doing so, users can verify NFT ownership, and no one else can claim the token unless sold to another investor. There is extra data contained in an NFT file which prevents it from being a purely interchangeable medium like Bitcoin or Ethereum. NFTs can range from digital artworks, photographs, music, video files, and anything that can act as a store of value.

What is a 3D NFT Maker?

A 3D NFT maker takes either an existing NFT or creates from scratch a 3D rendered artwork to sell on an NFT marketplace. 3D NFT makers cannot only create visual artworks but fully interactive images with gaming and sound features. Various platforms have entered the NFT market to offer creators tools to make and sell 3D NFT artworks.

Some 3D NFT making platforms include VoxEdit and Lucidpix, and artwork can be sold on several NFT platforms such as OpenSea, Airnfts, and Binance NFT marketplace.

What is a 3D NFT Makers role in NFT Markets

3D NFT Makers can utilize different gaming platforms for many functions and expand them in various ways. Here are some important factors to consider:


In past gaming experiences, all items or commodities purchased within the game were limited to the game itself. Any investments into a game would be lost if an account becomes stolen, disabled, or the player exited the game for something else.

NFTs have changed that outdated model. NFTs give players ownership of what they purchase and become a store of value. Items can be traded on a second-hand market or moved to another gaming platform, giving players real-world value that is not limited to one platform.

The Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual space where different platforms integrate and provide an immersive digital experience for users. The metaverse will be the next iteration of the internet. NFTs will be an integral part of the metaverse ecosystem giving users the means to trade and build wealth.

The future of the metaverse promises a virtual world very similar to our own. As users interact with others and objects, there needs to be a market for 3D objects for trade and investment. 3D NFT Makers can provide artworks and use items to different platforms, thereby increasing virtual reality capabilities.

The metaverse will be the next frontier for companies and advertising. As more users enter the virtual space, companies need to develop campaigns to make their brand visible. Companies are already producing NFTs to sell marketplaces, and NFT will become even more crucial to growing a customer base.

Community is a vital component of the metaverse. Users seek connections and personalize their virtual space. NFTs and 3D NFTs can populate a marketplace where users can buy and sell unique items. Users can wear NFTs as part of their virtual identity (or avatar) or decorate their virtual real estate.

Protecting Digital Manufacturing Assets with NFTs

A token is a unique asset that can be transferred as well as a store of value. Furthermore, tokens can be updated and verified by all entities connected to a network ensuring efficiency and security.

There are several ways NTF tokenization can protect digital assets:

NFTs protect liquidity
NFTs can tokenize assets to make business processes more streamlined. NFTs can be sold to other entities after security checks to safeguard against risks. Moreover, NFT holders can sell their tokens in a second-hand market. These practices will reduce costs and administration.

No intermediaries
NFTs use Smart contracts to bring more transparency and immutability. This creates safe transactions which do require the services of an intermediary.

Improved Transparency
NFTs embed inside a blockchain network containing all necessary records and attributes of the smart contract. Having full transparency helps improve trust in the entity you are dealing with, and each is held accountable for any transgressions.

Smart MFG NFT Marketplace

3D NFT modeling is a new addition to the NFT marketplace, and one company set to be the first to lead the way is Smart MFG Tech Ltd. Smart MFG will revolutionize the gaming, metaverse, and blockchain systems. The company will be the first comprehensive tokenization and marketplace for the development, sale, storage, and transfer of 3D NFTs.

Smart MFG caters to creators of 3D NFT models, industrial designers, architects, metaverse developers, engineers, and collectors who wish to tokenize their works with NFTs. Smart MFG will roll out other features such as marketplace services, creator accounts, and support services.

There are several use cases for MFG tokens that will improve different aspects of the NFT marketplace. Uses include Smart payments, supply chain Defi services, rewards programs, and hardware tokenization.


3D NFT modeling is a crucial component to expand the gaming, the metaverse, and blockchain industries. 3D NFTs take assets and render them as interactive 3D objects that are traded or stored on various digital platforms. Building virtual worlds will need the innovations of NFTs to make them a reality for users in the new age of the internet.


Smart MFG Tech is a blockchain company focused on Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation and promoting new data mobilization technologies, including IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) for use within the manufacturing industry. Smart MFG is launching a 2D & 3D model NFT marketplace for novelty & vintage Art & Architecture, Automotive, Space & Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Design and more. Smart MFG also offers Supply Chain DeFi programs using $MFG in partnership with a growing blockchain partnership ecosystem for Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

Smart MFG Tech promotes digital transformation of industrial manufacturing supply chains using blockchain as a key building block of Industry 4.0. MFG Tokens® incentivize collaboration and speed across supply chains and can be used to create custom rewards and compensate manufacturers for time and accuracy put into competitive tender bids.

The token integration use case applications in Manufacturing Supply Chains include digital record and digital asset tokenization, advanced supplier incentive programs and supply chain decentralized finance innovation. Supply Chain Companies interested in Smart MFG partnerships can submit your requests here:


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