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Peter Moricz
Announcements - Team - January 19, 2022

Peter Moricz becomes new CEO as Smart MFG expands into additional verticals January 19, 2022 — Smart MFG, which has been incubating an innovative NFT Marketplace, announced today that blockchain veteran Peter Moricz will become the new CEO. Smart MFG, already a game-changer leader in…

Smart MFG
Announcements - Annual Review - January 12, 2022

Smart MFG 2021 Review and 2022 Outlook 2021 has been an incredible milestone year for Smart MFG. From the ramp up to the upcoming launch of the world’s first Phygital-themed 3D Model compatible NFT marketplace for interoperable metaverse assets bridging to real-world use case NFTs…

Smart MFG
Announcements - January 12, 2022

As we get closer to the official beta launch of our NFT Marketplace, we are excited to share our updated tokenomics roadmap. BACKGROUND SUMMARY The original planning and design of our marketplace began in early to mid 2021, which included some basic conceptual planning around…

Smart MFG
NFT Marketplace - December 28, 2021

Associating blockchain value to everything from ideas, concepts, knowledge, and parts is coming together as the NFT shows its true diversity and potential. Smart MFG and partners are poised to be at the epicenter of this revolution! The Rise of The NFT NFT use-cases are…

Smart MFG
NFT Marketplace - December 6, 2021

Learn more about NFTs, what they can be applied for and how they will change the world. The non-fungible token has come a very long way from Crypto-Kitty currency to high-end virtual art collectibles and recently becoming one of the hottest celebrity marketing tools around.…

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